Our vision

At Style Identity, we are trying to unleash Ottawa’s style potential. Right now, there is a group of fabulously talented local designers creating clothing that would allow consumers to perfectly express their own personal style and individuality. Right now, there are people in Ottawa who would love to buy unique and locally designed clothes, from companies and people that match their style and values, if only they could find them. Style Identity was created to be the best place for these two groups to find each other. We want local designers and consumers to celebrate creativity and personal expression together as one community, united in style.

We expand choices for consumers

If you crave clothing that is as original as you are, Style Identity can help you find it. We’re creating Ottawa’s largest collection of garments from exclusively local designers and brands. No matter what your style is, you can find it here. And buying local has its advantages:

  • Local Style
  • The designers behind these garments aren’t just names on a tag, they are artisans from your community. By supporting them, you aren’t just helping them live their dream, you are helping to ensure that they keep making amazing new garments.

  • Exclusive Style
  • The designers and brands that we showcase produce garments in vastly smaller quantities than national and international brands do. This makes each garment more unique, special and less likely to be on everyone else!

  • Personal Style
  • When was the last time you ran into Calvin Klein? Local designers and brands are part of your community, are inspired by the same things you are and design their clothes for you. Getting to know the people behind your clothing is no longer only for celebrities.

About style identity fashionplates

Style Identity Fashionplates are web-based profiles of clothing available from independent fashion designers. Style Identity Fashionplates are searchable, easily shared and link users to more information, conversations and reviews of the garment of clothing along with where they can be purchased whether in store, online or directly from the designer.

To learn more or create your own fashionplate contact info@mystyleidentity.com